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Warm up to a more efficient and reliable heating solution with VP Plumbing & Heating, your trusted experts in home heating systems in Suffolk County. Whether you need a new installation or an upgrade to your existing system, our certified professionals are here to provide top-notch service tailored to your home’s unique needs. From forced hot air systems to sophisticated hot water boilers, we ensure your home remains comfortable and energy-efficient all year round. Experience seamless service and quality heating solutions—call us today at 516-659-3368!

Why Choose VP Plumbing & Heating for Your Hot Water Heating System?


  • Latest Technology: Installation of the latest tankless and conventional water heaters.
  • Energy Efficiency: Solutions that reduce your energy bill and environmental footprint.
  • Full-Service Installation: From system selection to installation and ongoing maintenance.
  • Expert Advice: Free consultation to help you choose the best system for your home’s needs.


Our Hot Water Heating Systems Services Include:

  • Installation of Tankless Water Heaters
  • Replacement and maintenance of Conventional Water Heaters
  • System upgrades for enhanced energy efficiency
  • Water quality assessments to ensure the best performance of your water heating system
  • Regular service and maintenance plans


Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. What is the benefit of switching to a tankless water heater?

    • Tankless water heaters provide endless hot water, are more energy-efficient, and occupy less space compared to traditional tank heaters.
  2. How long does a typical water heater installation take?

    • Most installations are completed within a day, though complex setups might take longer.
  3. Do you offer warranties on your water heaters?

    • Yes, all our water heaters come with a comprehensive warranty that covers parts and labor.


Don’t wait for your water heater to fail. Ensure a constant supply of hot water by calling VP Plumbing & Heating at 516-659-3368 today!

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