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Some Outdoor Plumbing Tips For Summer

Some Outdoor Plumbing Tips For Summer

Summertime is a time most of us look forward to. That being said, it also means that your plumbing is going to take a beating. After all, you typically have increased traffic in your home during the summer months and you are likely to use a lot more water. Therefore, you want to take preventative measures to ensure that you are able to keep your home's plumbing running as well as possible this summer. Below, we will be going over some key outdoor plumbing tips for summer.

Top Outdoor Plumbing Tips For Summer:

1. Check For Leaks.

Summer is one of the best times to check for potential leaks. Getting any sort of leaks fixed in the summertime is going to be much easier than if you were to wait for the colder months. Along with this, harsh winters can take a toll on your plumbing. By getting a thorough inspection in the summer, you should be able to avoid compounding issues that could ensue if left untreated.

2. Don't Overload Your Washing Machine.

With your kids playing outside all summer, it is very likely that you will be doing a lot more laundry loads during the summer months than in the winter. Because of this, you want to be extra careful with the workload you put your washing machine through. While your washing machine can handle a lot of volumes, if you fail to give your machine a break, it could place unnecessary stress on the machine and it can cause the machine to malfunction as a result. As with any machine, if you push it too hard, it will be much more prone to breaking down. The best way to prep your washing machine to take on the summer months of extra work would be to invest in a brand new washing machine hose. Ideally, you want to get a steel hose to avoid the potential for leaks. If you are not ready to invest in a new hose, it would be wise to check it for any sort of leakage prior to using it often in the summer months.

3. Garbage Disposal.

The summer months are usually when the garbage disposal gets the most work. After all, you are much more likely to have large social gatherings during the summer months whether it be with friends and/or family. The key thing to keep an eye on when you are having these large gatherings and cookouts would be your garbage disposal. It might be easier to toss things down your kitchen sink and let the garbage disposal take care of it, you will want to avoid placing tough foods that are difficult to break down. Some of the biggest contributors to these kinds of clogs and plumbing issues are leftover meat, bones, corn husks, and more.

4. Going On Vacation.

If you are going to be heading out on vacation, you should be proactive about your plumbing to not only save money but to help preserve energy. One of the best ways to do this is by turning up the temperature of your refrigerator since you won't be opening it for a lengthy period of time and to turn down the temperature of your water heater due to the lack of use.

As with any change in season, you want to invest in professional inspections to ensure that you are prepared for the unique weather conditions and usage changes that occur. By hiring a professional plumber to conduct maintenance inspections, you should be able to avoid any serious plumbing disasters or issues that could have been easily prevented.

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